Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Rock!

Hurray!  I finally got to go to Gibraltar!  My friends, the Wiscombs came down to do their residency and decided to go to Gib, inviting me along.

It's only a couple of hours from Fuen and goes through beautiful country as well as along the Mediterranean. It also had the added bonus of being with some great friends, so the whole trip was a pleasure!
When we got there the Guffeys  joined us (party time!)

This is the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, a gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. It's on the tip of Gibraltar, on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula.
Gibraltar was captured from Spain in 1704, and was given the chance to rejoin Spain with referendums in 1967 and again in 2002 when over 90% said No!  This has led to sour feelings between the UK and Spain, and occasionally Spain will get mad and do little things like making it difficult to get into Gib.  In 2006 Gibraltar got its own constitution, and now governs itself, with the exception of a few things like self defense and foreign relations. (This is me with the Wiscombs).

After parking the car we walked through the town of Gibralter with it's narrow streets and many little shops that provide all you need to make your wedding there (one of the main "industries") a delightful day. Our Branch President's son, Jack, had to get married there because Spain wouldn't let him as he had been in the States at school for a while. 
This "statue" is actually a real person. Pretty cool.

Then we took the cable car up to the top of the Rock. Unfortunately we didn't have time to see the limestone "St. Michael's Cave", but the views were spectacular! You can easily walk all over Gibraltar - it's only 2.6 square miles in size (6.8 square kilometers). Beyond the car you can see the city of Gibralter and beyond that the Bay of Gibralter.

This guy met us at the top, hoping for handouts. It is a treasured place, and only the alpha Barbary Macaque monkeys get to hang out here.

Lookiing towards mainland Spain

In spite of the 4,000 pound penalty for feeding the monkeys, they knew where good things come from, and would grab and run with any dangling bags or back packs they could get away with.

This is looking towards the Straits of Gibralter, with Spain on the right, and Africa (Morocco to be specific) on the left. I've seen Africa! Now to visit (I hope) :)

The Three Hermanas :)  We had a great time! (I got this shot and the one of the Guffeys from Elder and Hermana Wiscomb. Thanks!)

Finally we had to try out the famous Roy's Fish and Chips, and it definitely lived up to it's reputation. The fish was light and not greasy, and the chips were delicious!  Very yummy.

Elder and Hermana Guffey. They do military relations at the nearby Rota naval base, where they are famous for their waffles. They were great guides!

And of course the famous British red telephone booth. At least Superman would have a place to change here!

Visiting Gibraltar was such fun!  And it is a spectacular place to visit. My final picture is of the Trinity Lighthouse, at the tip of the Rock, looking out towards the Straight. I am so blessed to be able to serve here in Spain!  #missionsareawesome  :)

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