Monday, May 25, 2015

Sevilla Conference! (Well, and fun :) )

I love these ladies!  From l to r, Hermana Guffey, Hermana Redd, me, and Hermana Wiscomb - from whom I got this (as well as the third and last pictures). Hermana Coombs, Hermana Frost, and Hermana Deere (not pictured) are also great friends :)

Last month the WHOLE MISSION descended upon Sevilla for the very first Whole Mission Conference of President Deere's tenure. Many missionaries, including the "seniors" stayed at hotels, giving me the chance to ride in my first car elevator. It was nice and smooth :) Nice hotel, too.

Hermana and Élder Wiscomb let me tag along with them to explore Sevilla´s beautiful Maria Luisa Park. It is Sevilla´s main green area, and were first the gardens of the Palace of San Telmo, which was built in 1682 as a school for the orphan children of sailors.

It was a beautiful time of year to go, with many beautiful flowers to go along with all of the sculptures, trees, fountains, ponds, pavilions, and etc.

There were several people ensconced in hammocks relaxing above this waterfall (you can see the green one).  You can also see the cool pavilion at the top of the hill.

I loved this walkway covered with gorgeous purple flowers!

There were a number of different ways to get around the park (which was quite large). There were horse drawn carriages, little peddle cars (like the one in this picture), bikes, and even Segway scooters.  We walked, which was good because  I love taking pictures, and that's hard if you're rushing around and have to watch where you're going :).

There were lots of cool buildings, several of which had been turned into museums. We weren't able to visit any though.

Love these flowers!

More gardens. The park actually serves as botanical gardens. To the right is a picture of the Pavillion Real in the Plaza América.

One of these days I'm going to take one of these horse taxis. It looks so fun!  And the horses are treated very well.

The museum of Archaeology.

Élder and Hermana Wiscomb amongst the flowers.

There were a LOT of birds, especially doves, in the park.

This is the ¨Queens Sewing Box¨  built in 1893 as a retreat.

Beautiful buildings.

Such a peaceful place!  Totally beautiful.

The final picture is of our whole mission - all about 200 of us!  It was an awesome conference, and I´ll write more about it next time.


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  1. Ohhhh sounds like such fun!!! I wish I had gotten to meet the Reds and the Frosts. Love you. Give the Deeres a hug from us!