Wednesday, February 11, 2015

La Mezquita - Catedral de Córdoba - Prt 2

My friends! The Senior Missionaries of the Spain Málaga Mission (plus a few photo bombers and minus my comp). From the left, a PBer, then Élder and Hermana Wiscomb, me (don´t know the guy right behind me), Élder y Hermana Redd, Élder y Hermana Coombs, Élder y Hermana Wilson, Élder (hiding) and Hermana Guffey, and finally Élder y Hermana Frost. The Coombs and I are in the office, Hermana Frost is the Mission PA, Élder Frost (a veterinarian like me!) is helping with medical stuff, and they are also doing JAS (YSA), the Guffies are military liaison to the Rota military base, and the Wiscombs, Redds, and Wilsons are leadership support and do whatever they can find to help out. All are wonderful with our missionaries and their branches, and we are very lucky to have them! We will miss the Wilsons when the leave us next week. Great people all.

Now back to La Mezquita!  This is the Mihrab, or Muslim prayer niche, which traditionally faces in the direction of Mecca, aiding worshipers in their quest to pray in that direction, but the Córdoba mihrab is unusual in that it points towards the south, instead of east-southeast, which is the direction of Mecca. It is richly gilded and decorated, and quite striking.

This is the Mirab Dome over the Maksoureh (next to the Mihrab), which was an anteroom for the caliph and his court. Another amazing Spanish ceiling!

Another look at the mosque´s architecture, including the double arches supported by Roman columns, and its beautiful colored glass windows (I´m not sure if they are original however). The main expanse was used for Muslim prayers (personal and the 5 daily plus special Friday prayers), teaching, and Sharia Law cases.

The Mezquita had a number of very beautiful colored glass windows like this one.

This is a look at the "treasure room"  - there were a lot of gilded platters, statues, candle sticks, and etc. And a lot of history - this time we rented the talking tour, which was very interesting and definitely worth while.

Beautiful columns near the Royal Chapel (Capilla Real)

This is one of the chapels (Capilla Sagrario or Chapel of Sagrario) built around the outer wall of the mosque. Again, notice the beautiful ceiling and art work.

The Capilla Mayor (the main cathedral built in the center of the mosque). It was very beautiful, but seemed out of place - just kind of stuck in the middle there.

A detail in the wall of the Capilla Mayor from the "outside".

Across from the Capilla Mayor, also in the center of the mosque was the Coro (or choir). Unfortunately my pictures of the main Coro didn't turn out that good, but there were individual choir stalls built about 1475 that all had unique carvings on them that were really beautiful.

The organ - it was huge!

Afterwards we went out for lunch. Delicious!
This is Elder Redd on the left, and Hermana and Elder Wilson on the right.

Starting on the left and going around the table:  Hermana (with camera) and Elder Coombs, Hermana (hidden) and Elder Wiscomb, Elder Frost, (Hermana Frost and Elder Guffey hidden) and finally Hermana Guffey.

The food was beautiful and delicious - I think it was a Hungarian place, but I can't remember for sure.

And I finish off with the Patio De Los Naranjos or Orange Tree Courtyard which was in front of la Mezquita and inside of the surrounding walls. As you can see they were loaded with (sour) oranges. Beautiful grounds!  So we said goodbye to the Mezquita (which you can see in the background) and to our adventures until next time!