Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Alhambra, part 2

The Court of Machuca and Nasrid Palace

Onward and upward in the Alhambra!  This is the outside view of the Nasrid Palace I showed last time, taken from the wall of the Alcazaba.

One more picture inside the Nasrid Palace

The Alcazaba is one of the oldest parts of the Alhambra, and housed their military (you can see the remains of the walls of their quarters to the right). This is the Plaza de Armas, and in the back, the Torre del Homenaje. We were able to climb up onto most of the towers, which gave some pretty cool views (I think this was taken from the Torre de la Vela, or Watchtower).

Through one of the arrow loops (that let you shoot arrows from behind the walls without putting yourself in too much danger of being shot).

Granada from the walls of the Alcazaba

The lovely ladies I was lucky enough to explore with.
Me, Hermanas Coombs, Wilson, and Wiscomb. Great ladies!

The Palace of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles the V. It is a Renaissance building built to reflect on what a magnificent, important person he was, but was never finished (the roof was finally put on in the late 20th century).

Inside the Palacio de Carlos V (Palace of
Charles V).

Elder Wilson and Elder Coombs headed for the Generalife (Hermana Coombs and Hermana Wilson behind).

Fountains of the Generalife

The Water Stairway which brought water from the Royal Water Chanel for irrigation.

Goodbye Alhambra!  It was a true pleasure.

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