Monday, November 17, 2014

It's The People Two!

Of coarse I have to include my friends from the MTC. Some I am still in contact with :)  There are the Maynards in front of me, the Bradshaws beside them, the Martins, behind them, and beside me is my companion SisterTilley. Great people!

Also very awesome are the young missionaries that I've gotten to know. Here we are at a baptism that was performed in the beautiful outdoors.

All the Fuengirola missionaries got together Conference Sunday to watch Saturday afternoon's session (because of the time difference) and as a prank all the younger missionaries wore their pajamas over their regular "Sunday" dress. We all had a GREAT time! But no swimming :)

On the "Bullet Train" to Zone conference. I'm glad I went - we had been in a smaller, but fairly far away zone to beef them up a bit, but soon after was switched to the near, but now very large, Malaga Zone.

And at Zone Conference :)

And last, but very far from the least, I'm dedicating the rest of this post to my friends the Castillos, who had their exit interview today and will be leaving tomorrow (although I'll get to see them one last time at the temple in Madrid on Saturday, which I'm very excited about!)

The first two pictures are from our visit with the rest of the office staff to the Jerez Andalusian Horse Riding Academy, where Hermana Castillo and I learned of our shared love of beautiful horses, among many other things.

The weight of the world!  At the Malaga car museum.

Outside the Teatro Cervantes, where they took me to see Los Miserables in Spanish. It was wonderful!

And finally, in Seville at the Alcazar with Hermana Castillo's mom and sisters. They are pretty awesome too!

What can I say about the Castillos? They are some of the best, most genuine, most generous people I know and I will miss them immensely. Goodbye for now, and enjoy those grand babies!  See you on the flip side :)

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