Tuesday, October 21, 2014

La Plaza de Toros y la Doma Vaquera

Like I promised, here are pictures of the caballos and Spanish riders we got to see demonstrate their skills at the Paza de Toros (Bull fighting ring). They don't do bull fights much any more, but the demonstration these horses put on was absolutely fabulous!  I went with my friends, Elder and Hermana Castillo,  and we went into it not being quite sure what we were in for. We were totally delighted with what we found. The moves were similar to some of what we got to see in Jerez at the Royal Riding School, but we got to be closer and this time we got to take pictures!  So prepare to be inundated :)

One rider worked with a pole, circling around, changing direction under the pole, and here, circling around the pole with it just laid on the rider's shoulder.

The horses performed to music and a
running commentary mostly
incomprehensible to me, but were beautiful
and elegant, as were the riders.
They did many changes of leads,
controlled , high-stepping trots (including
 in place), diagonal lines, tight circles,
sudden stops and starts, and etc

This boy was 5 or 6 and performed with his father and alone. He did many of the moves the older riders did. Very cool!

A Favorite of mine - he was very powerful and controlled, and had a beautiful silver coat that glistened.  He would turn in circles with first his hind end stationary, and then his front end. Impressive!

Another beautifully colored horse that did lots of quick stops
and backing in his routine.
This horse worked taking his cues from just the
reins and a quirt. He was very excitable, but
did an awesome job!


                                                                                                                                                                                      This elegant lady did most of the same moves using a side-saddle! Very impressive.

Part of the "grand finale"

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