Sunday, August 10, 2014


A while ago I decided that for my P-day I would do a bit of exploring. I'd already walked both ways along the beach pretty much as far as my hips would allow me, and a few other ways too, so I started off down the street next to ours that runs parallel with the beach, thinking that I would take off and explore up a side street if anything caught my fancy.  There wasn't much to stimulate my curiosity, but I was enjoying exploring some of the stands of post cards (my companion wanted some that represented the horse show we had seen and I'm always on the troll for some good cards), window watching, and in general taking in the Spanish ambiance. It was a beautiful, warm day, with lots of shade thrown by the corraled trees, and fountains and
other art to be enjoyed in the roundabouts that came regularly to regulate the traffic. I also think it's fascinating that the style of brick, block, or tile work changes regularly on the sidewalk,
and that many buildings are decorated by beautiful tile work. Still, I was looking for a bit of adventure, and it just wasn't happening. Then above the high rise apartments, into my view came THE BULL!  I'd seen him before and hadn't thought much of him, but there he was, big and bold on the crown of a hill that just might possible afford a lovely (and, I hoped peaceful) view of the Mediterranean.
I checked out my little tourist map (very sketchy) and discovered what looked like a little road that circed back behind the hill and came near my destination. Perfect!  It was a bit farther than was probably wise to go, but heck, I had all day! And what's Aleve for, anyway, if not to allow a bit of overdoing? So off I went, keeping my goal in site as much as possible. And yes, there WAS a road that seemed to circle behind and which went uphill. Finally near the top was a little parking place and a gate with a couple of trails leading in the general direction I wanted to go. I took the right hand one, but it soon pettered out, so I headed uphill through the bush a while, and found the other trail, which was soon going strong. And it DID lead to the wooden bovine I had been searching for! And for quite a while I was left alone to take in the beautiful views and fill my soul with the peace that God's beautiful creations bring. It was a very worth-while journey. By the time I was ready to go, a couple and two runners appeared, so I greeted them and headed back down the hill, ready to get back into the crowded city.
But of coarse I COULDN'T go back the same way I had come, so I headed down the other side of the hill. There I found the cutest little pueblo with white washed walls, little passageways with an abundance of flowers, and of coarse the ever present red tiled roofs.
 And there were other cool little streets to explore too, with there own houses filled with their own individual personalities. But by that time my hips were starting to complain, so I walked down to the beach and headed back that way. I had to rest a couple of times on my way, but eventually made it home, feeling very filled and satisfied. A wonderful day!

View from "The Bull" (as is the first picture).


  1. You are so adventurous! I am impressed. These bulls are scattered all over Andalucía. Then as you get farther away into other parts of Spain, there are some funny spoofs of them. Miss getting to see you every day.

    1. Haha - I actually just went for a walk, but it's much more fun thinking of it that way! ;) And I miss getting to see you every day too. The office just isn't the same!