Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Great Folks of Fuengirola and The Horses of Jerez

The Deeres and me

This week I have decided to tell you a bit about the people I work and go to church with. First off are the Deeres, who are a great family. Unfortunately I don't get to see them a ton (just a bit on Sundays and President and Sister Deere at our Monday office meetings), and the only picture I have is the one someone took when I got here (I didn't have enough presence of mind to get one myself so I had to "procure" the one off the mission blog). They have two children living here with them right now, and one of those leaves in Sept to attend BYU. They are great people to work with and I feel very fortunate to be in their mission!

The Castillos and office missionaries Flint and Dansie
(and a bit of Hermana Chantrill)
Next up are the Castillos. They are the only mission couple here in the office right now (we are getting another before too long) and I already consider them great friends. She is a great photographer, and is generous enough to share them; many of the pictures on this post (including the horse above and the ones of the ward party on a previous post) were taken by her. Thank you Hermana Castillo! I won't embarrass them by telling you how generous, kind, loving, and sharing they are - feeder and champion of missionaries, young and old alike, but you get the idea. They are the ones who instigated and planned the trip to Jerez I so enjoyed :)

Hermana Chantrill
And this is my great friend and companion, Hermana Chantrill. She doesn't like to have her picture taken, so I had to enlarge one Hermana Castillo took ;) ... she's also in some general ones you can check out. We have a great time together - she's even enough of a good sport to go wandering with me around town and trail me up all (or most of) the flights of stairs I am want to tromp up. Yesterday was her birthday and we celebrated by getting some delicious artisan icecream (there are tons of little stores that sell it here) and walking along the shoreline in the surf collecting interesting rocks and shells. Everyone had been telling me how cold the water was, so I waited for a warm day to try it. They don't know cold apparently (doesn't even touch the Washington and Oregon Pacific!); swimming is definitely in my near future!
Hermana Chantrill has a great sense of humor and tells a great story. This is her second mission (the first was a temple mission to the Dominican Republic so she has some great Dominican recipes), and she's been out 7 or 8 months already so I get to enjoy her company for a while yet!

The other members of our office staff consists of the young missionary companionship that takes care of finances, travel, and the legal stuff that lets missionaries stay in the country. We have a third right now who is training to take over finances. This is a picture inside the arena waiting for the Andelusian horse show in Jerez. Nearest is Elder Castillo, then me, Hermana Chantrill, then the finance person Elder Flint (who sang in church today and has a great voice), then the travel / visa (and other stuff) person Elder Dansie, and then Elder Buckway, who is taking over Elder Flint's job. They are great young men and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. We have some interesting, fun times in the office and they are great at their jobs (making great improvements)! Elder Castillo likes to give them a hard time, and Friday they made a big jello mold and put a bunch of his desk stuff in it (stapler etc). Big mistake. As Elder Castillo said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold".... :)

So... a bit about the horse show I got to enjoy last weekend (I'll tell a bit more later although I don't have pictures of the show as they wouldn't allow them). The Spanish Andalucian horse breed is very old and is the forebearer of the Lipizzan Stallions. We got to watch them do their "airs above the ground" (rearing, then jumping up while kicking back with their hindquarters and other stuff) and basically equine "ballet". It was TOTALLY awesome and I absolutely loved it. A very great day.

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